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Name:Ward, the Black Dog
Birthdate:Jan 1
- Occupation: Hitchhiker, wandering highways, crossroads, dark forests, coastlines. Coming to a scenic route near you.
     Based on the cryptid Black Shuck. The original, though others came to serve a similar purpose as the legends gained traction, and together they formed a loose pack. As the years wore on, his violence diluted to allow for him and his dogs to act as selective protectors. While these dogs are timeless and able to vanish at will, it is possible to kill them. Shuck was finally slain in the 19th century and his unmarked remains disinterred in the 21st; his spirit took the nearest vessel. Two legs were weird at first but he's gotten the hang of most things by now. With a preternatural ability to see the deep truths of one's character, he was never quite "all dog" in the first place, not that he can remember anymore how or why he started. He might have even started as a man. Or a man and a dog. Who cares not him
- Leads travelers astray, never to be seen again... unless they're lost, then he'll help them find their way... or they're vulnerable, as women and children are escorted safely home.
- His eyes glow red when his intent is malevolent; green when it is benign.
- Stronger and a little faster and sturdier than a human. Doesn't have his own ride but one always happens to be around when he needs it.
- pb is michael eklund, authentic Canadian handsome(tm)

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